6 Happenings Only Hostelers Can Explain Better

6 Happenings Only Hostelers Can Explain Better

We would totally admit when people said that college days are a bold level up in fun contrasted to when we were in school. However, if you live in your college’s hostel, then such fun becomes increased by a factor of 50! From all in all eschewing the mess meals to late nighttime sneak outs, here are some happenings only hostelers would experience and can explain better.


1. Getting good food at the mess. You deserve it but you will never get it

You get nothing good, you lose! Have a good breakfast.



2. When you act like you are processing the info but NO WAY BRUHH.. I’m sleeping!

Despite waking up at 9.20 A.M., you can wondrously appear in the class by 9:30 A.M., that moreover after having breakfast. And while attending the lectures you decide to be more creative and trying to focus on the teacher.

*15 mins later*


“I wasn’t asleep sir. I was just closing my eyes and visualizing your words” 


3. The Ethernet goes down and everyone loses their mind. “Yaar LAN aa rahi hai kya?”

“I feel a great disturbance in the internet connectivity on Sundays. Thousands of IP addresses cry out to me and suddenly they are silenced before I realize.” 



4. Winter is coming…OH WAIT! Where’s the HOT water?

“NO hot water! Good. Everyone is going to die to freeze to death too!”


5. You can never say NO to Maggie!

“Maggie I’ll find you..” Eventually, after you find meetha chilly paneer in mess, Maggie becomes your life saver.

You just can’t live without it.


6. You must have now grown a pro at washing your clothes.

You just forget them in a bucketful of water for overnight, and victory!

“Aaj hi dhoya hai”

Megha Upadhyaya

Passionate Blogger and Freelancing Writer

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