CS:GO Tournament for Gamers by 4th year Students

CS:GO Tournament for Gamers by 4th year Students

CS 4th year students are organizing a counter strike tournament for the gamers at Tulsi das hostel.

The event will take place from 11th September 2017 (Monday) to 13th/14th September 2017 (Wednesday/Thursday).

All participants are requested to ping Nikhil Pandita on whatsapp for registering their team and depositing entry fees before the 11th of September.

The game rules are as follows:

1) First team win 16 rounds will wins.
2) There will be a knife round for choosing the sides.
3) Rest are regular rules with default c4 timer, round time, buy time, freeze time.
4) Everyone is requested to bring their own laptops, mouse and other gaming apparels.
5) Use of unfair means will result in instant disqualification.
6) Decision made by the admin present during the game will be final.
7) The tournament is using an older CSGO version, which will be provided before the match starts.
8) Participants are requested to be present before the time allotted, else the other team may get a bye.

For any other details, you can contact:

Nikhil Pandita (4th Year CSE) : 9818331081
Akshay Sinha (4th Year Mech): 9643514803
Abhijay Singh (4th Year CSE) : 7042419055


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