Dawat-E-GBU: Note of Thanks and Photos

Dawat-E-GBU: Note of Thanks and Photos

Finally our first in-field event, Dawat-E-GBU was concluded successfully without any hurdle and hence it’s my duty to show gratitude towards our team members and other peoples who contributed their 100% in success of this event.

First of all, i would like to thanks our mentor Arvind Singh sir for becoming a father like figure for our team by supporting our idea of food fest and motivating us and directing us in the right direction through out the event.

Thanks to Harsh Srivastava, Prakhar Prashant Singh, Shubham Mishra and Vishavjeet Singh for smartly managing all the aspects of the event and working tirelessly day and night to make sure that it does become a memorable event for all the gbuians.

Thanks to Hemani Singh for becoming the missing pillar of our team and beautifully managing all her work while keeping a pretty smile.

Thanks to Yogesh, Akshay, Sherin, Ayushi, Riya and Aryan for always being available for the team for any kind of help.

Thanks to Sankalp Shukla for helping us out at a crucial time and also for managing the performances.

Thanks to Rishabh raj and Shubham for entertaining the students with the splendid anchoring/commentary/interviewing.

Thanks to all those students who setup and managed their food or game stalls with such a less time given for preparation.

And, finally thanks to all the GBU dignitaries, faculties, support staff and specially the students who added 5 stars to the event with there mere presence.


Gbuians.com Team


prasad mali

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