“It is funny how day by day nothing changes but one day when you look back, everything is different.” – C.S. Lewis.

Dear brave hearts,

Congratulations on passing high school!

Also, welcome to this place called college!

You’ve probably left your schools and best friends on a great note to come and start a new life at GBU. Some of you might have scored well. Some might not have! Some might be happy with their past. Some might have regrets.

But that’s all okay! We all share the same platform.  

The past has never been a deciding factor. What has mattered and what always will, is what you will be five years from now. This much is the time you have to dream, aspire, work and be someone you never were.

You might have witnessed some of the best advices from your acquaintances over the time. Or even “Engineering karlo beta bahut scope hai.” I don’t think I have anything new to put into your minds. But just as an introduction, allow me to tell you a couple of things.

GBU is an opportunity you all should exploit to groom yourselves in a way which will not only benefit you, but also each person who comes in contact with you for life hereafter.

Indeed you must all be mesmerised by the beauty of the college and might eagerly be waiting for everything this place has promised to offer. Being a senior, all I would like to advice you is that what and how much you can extract from GBU shall solely depend on your power to learn. So always put your best foot forward to grasp new things.

Do not fight for marks but for knowledge. For knowledge shall be your guiding light in all walks of life and not only for your survival in college years.

Be confident and do not be afraid of becoming who you want to be. Life will always be a wide ocean of opportunities! Have a preference. Choose the best. Do what pleasures you. And may things break in your favour.

Since you’ve now left behind your high school years, be prepared to grow. Not only grow older, but wiser in all good stature. As you move ahead, you might sometimes have to take decisions people might scorn at. But have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Apart from our esteemed faculty, even GBU is going to be a great teacher! So be all ears, and open your hearts to welcome things in all its fervour. You will gradually realise the way to live here. So I hope none of you is panicked.  Good and bad times will be equally part of life. But what will make you great is how well you learn from your failures and bounce back.

Some of us might be sceptical about meeting new people. But do not be scared! Join hands with people who help you to be the best versions of yourselves. No man or woman becomes great on their own. We all need people who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose and challenge us to be better every day.

At the end, do not forget to live life king size! Laugh at jokes, cry in sadness, mouth your wants and dreams and achieve your goals. Go places, learn new things, eat good food, meet new people and sleep every night with content hearts!

Though you are here primarily to study, explore yourselves and create new possibilities. Let not your days be monotonous and faded, but filled with the vibrancy of your companions and expectations! Participate in events and make mark in every field. So that five years from now, you don’t sit amidst regret but satisfaction of having pushed your limits to succeed tremendously.

On behalf of all your seniors, I welcome all you pretty faces to GBU and promise you any help in future. I wish you all the luck and pray for your success in our very own GBU.

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Sherin Thomas

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