GBU Attendance Tracker – Step by Step Guide

GBU Attendance Tracker – Step by Step Guide

Hi Gbuians! launched GBU Attendance Tracker android application on first day of 2017, and within 2 days we have received over 200 downloads of this app.

If you still haven’t downloaded the app, click here to do so.

The app has been catalyzed by a First Year Computer Science student Akshay, who is also the App Developer for

Why we launched GBU Attendance Tracker is because we feel that Gbuians deserve to keep record of their class attendance in an organised and easy fashion.

Having to deal with more than 6-7 subjects makes it a tedious task to keep an eye on when which class has been missed or attended. Eventually, it ends up being chaotic for many. Hence, came up as a publishing partner for the app to promote it freely.

Although the app has flourished quite well amongst the crowd and due appreciation has been received, there are still some who are puzzled on how to go about it.

So here is a  “Step by Step Guide” to demonstrate the easy usage.



There is no official server synced to GBU Attendance Tracker. Attendance will not automatically be marked. Hence, one will have to manually input his/her absence or presence for any particular subject for a specific day.

Lets show you how!


Step 1: At first, submit your name and set an attendance criteria (i.e. 75% for most courses in GBU).


Step 2: Click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom right corner and add your current subjects.

Swipe left to edit a subject.

Swipe right to delete a subject.  


Step 3: After enlisting all subjects, prepare your timetable according to your officially provided schedule in school.

Add subjects from the enlisted ones (those you created in the previous step) according to your timetable. They may or may not be in the same order as provided.

For example, let’s say you have a lecture of Strategic Management on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Add Strategic Management on these 3 days.


After you are done setting up your timetable, click on the ‘check button’ in the upper right corner. This will be followed by a short tutorial with illustrations of how to go about the app. Click ‘Next’ when you’re done watching it and you will reach the main page.


Step 5: Further, to mark an absence, presence or to enter a cancelled class, swipe the required subject to the left.

You will find 3 options, namely, “OFF”, “BUNK”, “ATTEND”.

In case the class was cancelled, choose OFF.

In case you missed it, choose BUNK.

In case you attended it, choose ATTEND.

Enter the details as and when you attend or miss classes and always know your record.


Even if you forgot to mark your attendance on a particular day, you can revisit the date and do so.

Swipe the Top Menu to the left.

Select “GO TO DATE”.

Choose your date and enter the information.


You can also reset your attendance by clicking on “RESET”. Just swipe right to do so.


Thank You and Keep sharing the app if you find it useful 🙂


For further queries, drop us a mail at and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.


Edited by: Sherin Thomas

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