GBU Student goes missing after leaving the Hostel

GBU Student goes missing after leaving the Hostel

Around 2 weeks ago, Anuhar Tripathi, an Integrated B.Tech 1st year student from GBU was found missing from his hostel. He left a two page letter for his family saying that he is not willing to compromise his next 5 years studying the course.

Anuhar said that the university is not able to provide him the knowledge he is looking for and he doesn’t wish to put a financial burden on his parents.

However, police said that he may have left the hostel due to panic as the end semester exam were to start a day after he left the hostel on 4th December. Police also said that it is very clear that he left the hostel at his will.

Currently, the police have logged the complaint and trying to track him.

Anuhar’s classmates described him as a very spiritual person who had a collection of books on spirituality including geeta and the ramayana, his friends also described him as a quiet person.

Anuhar also mentioned in the letter that he won’t commit suicide as he value human life.


Update: We have been informed that Anuhar has returned back to his home.

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