presents GBU Attendance Tracker App presents GBU Attendance Tracker App

Hi GBUians!

Are you tired of worrying about missing classes? Do you want to be regular on your attendance?

You might all agree that keeping 75% attendance at the end of every semester is a headache for most of us, specially now when most of the schools in our university are very strict with the attendance of the students.

So, to minimize this headache of maintaining attendance, one of our team member, akshay came up with an idea of developing an android app that can track the attendance of students throughout the semester and save them from getting debard.

All one will need to do is, set his/her own attendance criteria and daily time table up and start.

The application is only available for android for now and can be downloaded from once it is launched.

This application has various features like:

  • The subjects get displayed according to the days of the week.
  • One may add, change or delete subjects even after setting up a time table.
  • It provides a detailed view of the attendance for each subject.
  • It displays an overall attendance for all the subjects, cumulatively.
  • If one forgets to mark an absent on a day, he/she may simply revisit the required date and make changes.
  • The Attendance Predictor predicts one’s attendance percentage on the basis of the classes he/she wishes to skip or attend.
  • In case one needs help, he/she may send an instant query or feedback to the developer via social network for lightning fast responses.
  • A complete material design UI has been provided for the application.

The app is all set to use and will be launched on the 1st the day of 2017, the promo of the app will be launched tomorrow, so stay tuned to our website.


Update: The app has been launched now, you can download it from

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