An Inspirational Story of a GBU Student

An Inspirational Story of a GBU Student

An Alumni of GBU who passed out only last year have written an open letter to GBU on Quora which describes his experience in GBU and how he managed to get a job through placement cell even with less than average grades.

His story will surely inspire you to not give up and fight until the end, even if your grades are poor and your back papers are more than your semester subjects, His story will remind you that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Below is an excerpt of his letter on Quora.


Dear GBU

This letter is not to malign your image. This letter is not a form of an angry outburst of one of your many ex. Instead this letter is to help one to get over the tenacious bond that He had shared with you. This letter is written to find that final closure that lacked after the end of our relationship of last five+1 years.

Where to start, there is so much to say and complain to you about. Yet I find myself thanking you for all the sweet memories that you gave and all the important life lessons you taught me. I wish to say it all, lay every erie secrets out in the open. But for the sake of the maintaining status quo between the various lives associated with you, I am gonna be careful not give out too much such that my anonymity is compromised.

From the beginning I was mesmerized by your beauty by all the potential you held. All the promises made when i first met you. So much that I got lost in a world of daydreams and the new found freedom with you. I almost flunked in my first year itself, but held on due to the gentle souls who saved me, and guided me. Those gentle souls where the faculties/profs who were true to their purpose of spreading the knowledge they gained after years of experience.

But soon like in all relationships I got tired of your beauty and that’s when the veil was lifted. The souls which made you who you were well you lost them, replaced with the kind who either were too new to have any experience or were just not interested in maintaining your inward beauty. I got so much disenchanted by the sudden change in your souls that I lost my interest in the things you offered to teach me. The classes became dull & boring. For a guy like me who was a straight shooter in school life, well that same guy spiraled down the slippery slope of flunking courses. I didn’t cared for the marks. As they were easy to get. A bit too easy if one knew the right words of flattery.

To read the full letter click here.

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