Recruitment Irregularities In GBU, Faculties To File PIL

Recruitment Irregularities In GBU, Faculties To File PIL

A group of formerly employed faculty members of GBU has reportedly alleged that the recent procedure of recruitment of 78 teachers was not carried out in the light of  the UP Govt Reservation Policy. The group, led by Vikas Panwar, former Assistant Professor in Mathematics, has promised to move the Allahabad High Court for the same.

“People have been recruited on the grounds of close acquaintances, while the deserving candidates have been overlooked. They have not followed the Reservation Policy, and now, the recruitment process has been stalled by the Management,” he explained.

Apparently, a committee has been formed to look into the discrepancies in appointments and the issues about the Reservation Policy and take into account the Board’s objections. As the authorities have affirmed, the committee is set to reply to the Management soon.

Parallely, a spokesperson of Save GBU Forum and an informal group of GBU faculty members (both current and former) have warned to file a PIL concerning the issue in the High Court, in unity.

Meanwhile, the 78 appointees still face an indefinite wait to join their work, as further decisions will only be taken after the committee’s reply.

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