Startup Speeders 2016: Startup & Entrepreneurship Event

Startup Speeders 2016: Startup & Entrepreneurship Event

Startup Speeders

6th October, 2016

10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

Venue: Auditorium, School of Management

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Startup Speeders is a Startup & Entrepreneurship event that is being organized at our university on 6th of October, 2016.

The objective of this event is to promote the “Entrepreneurial Skills to the young mindsets” to the present as well as upcoming generation in order to build a higher level of our Nation. This event is to implement the idea of business and to ensure a greater outreach and ownership and discuss the vital importance and issues related to an entrepreneur.


Startup Speeders


How will Startup Speeders 2016 help the Students?

The event will act as a grooming ground for the students who want to be future entrepreneurs and start their own business in the future. This event will also sharpen their skills and Mould their ideologies to a progressive level that will help them to escalate from a College-prenueur to a Future Entrepreneur The Session and Learning that will be provided to the students will help them to clear their concepts about their future business ideas and help them lay a firm foundation to their venture. This event will also act as an inspiration to students who have a hidden will to perform as a college-preneur

The investors and successful entrepreneurs will also share their experiences with the student which will be motivation booster to them. The students will be able to comprehend and correlate their business situations with those of the motivators.


Note: Attendees will receive a certificate of participation as will as attendees for their missed classes from their respective schools.


Student Coordinators for this event:

Himani Gautam

Sakshi Rakesh

Prasad Mali : 9871030412

Shantanu Tyagi : 9643401773

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