Why to Stay in GBU Hostel?

Why to Stay in GBU Hostel?

It is not necessary for one to stay at GBU’s Hostel. One can always pay the fees and stay at home without anyone being the wiser (for girls this is not true, they have to stay at hostel with compulsion).

But remember,

At first you may not like it; you may find people disgusting, the restrictions demeaning, and the smell nauseating. You will hate the neighbor who blares his 500 Watt speakers every night, you will hate to see people puking from the above floors, people banging your doors at night for menial things. You will hate the guy who even effing borrows your toothpaste. You will hate those idiots who at 3 AM will be playing cricket in your wing.

And also you will absolutely hate cleaning your room by yourself, washing your own clothes, walking! Yeah! so much effing walking!, even to buy a bar of soap you will have to walk for almost a freaking mile, and even if you had a motorbike some idiot or other may have borrowed it for 5 minutes and will return you in the effing mid-night! You will hate all of this.

So considering all the above factors you may find it absolutely unnecessary to live in GBU hostels. But once you do, once you start living in above conditions, you will fall in love them, you too will want to play cricket at 3 AM in morning, you too will borrow someone’s bike and may even return in a day or two. You too will play your favorite music on full volume; you too will puke from your balcony into another’s. You too will bang others doors in dead of night for just an effing Pen drive.

And most of all with time you feel like home at the hostel. You will always have a place of your own to go to. You will become familiar with all the faces in that place. Some of those faces will be so close to you, such that you can almost call them your family away from family. These faces will take care of you in some of your most troubled times. From bad grades to heartbreaks to partying like crazies all the tears of joy and sorrow will be shed in one or the other hostel rooms or even freaking roofs.

When in a tight spot, such as needing money in very short notice money for an emergency situations, or being too tired to take journey home and just wanna stay somewhere, or just had a bad fight with someone close and wanna run away from them. Well in all these cases remember you have a small place of your own, a place which is leased to you in your name for a year. Having a roof to stay under which is your own is such a soul satisfying thing, when one is troubled and just wanna be alone. But yeah remember those guys I talked above about, these A-holes won’t let you to be alone. And these guys are found at a place called GBU Hostel!


Abhigyan Singh Yadav (GBU Alumni)

Abhigyan Yadav

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