How to watch/download TV series in GBU

How to watch/download TV series in GBU

Well we all know how frustrating life inside GBU can be, specially for someone who is introvert. I mean you have high speed Internet( if you ever manage to wake up till 4AM, you will know how dope this speed can be) and yet all you can do is go to facebook, twitter , torrent and some Obvious stuff (Hit like if you know what I mean). So today Citizens of GBU, I will share the Legacy of Nerds of GBU that they are hiding for like ages.

Now, most lazy way is to visit, you must have heard about this ” many named website” from a Generous SoICT student. Most of us visit this website and it satisfy all of your daily needs,  and if you are ARROW, FLASH, GAME OF THRONES and QUANTICO type of person this serve you at best.

BUT yes here comes the “BUT” you can’t watch all the episodes from past. Although it does have magnet link but they also fail to work sometimes. Plus if you are more deep into TV series and like Doctor Who, Daredevil, House of Cards  bla bla bla like million other it will failed to serve you.  It also comes with annoying popups and tons of ads.

Just a random thought, have you ever thought who will win the battle between Batman and Ironman, check that out here 

Now the second way is to search this text on Google  ” (Movie/Series name here)-inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mkv|mp4|avi) ” without quotes. I personally am not so fond of this method as it takes lots of digging and effort to get what you required, mostly you land on page which are already blocked on GBU’s network.

Methord 2

This last one is quite interesting one, I have used it and in most of cases it works near to perfect. First you need to add a extension on your CHROME BROWSER known as Video Downloader professional. Now visit, there you will find all the popular series on landing page, you can search for other non-popular series using search bar, most of them are there.

Snapshot 3

Whole list of previous episodes are available there and you can easily download entire season using following steps.

  1. Click on the episode you want to play/download
  2. Once video is played you will notice that ICON of Video Downloader professional changes its color to green.
  3. Click on it, and hurray it is downloading now

Tip 3

You can copy download link and use it in IDM or Orbit Downloader for time efficiency( it takes much more time in CHROME to download as compare to IDM or ORBIT ).

You might have noticed that all methods here are dominated for TV series not for movies, well we want to check how much eager you are for that. Have a look at these methods first, comment if you face any problem , share this post with your friends and as soon we will reach 100 likes we will publish how to download movies in GBU.

If you also have some tips/tricks, then do share it in comment section below.



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  • Anubhav Singh

    So much bs :3
    just go to
    you can get mega links from there, of any episode of any season of any series.

  • Dhivya Subramanian

    how much mb consume for this download….we can download a education this?

  • Dhivya Subramanian

    how much mb consume for this download….we can download a education this?